Ian Miller

MIT Energy Initiativ

Project Manager & Research Specialist

With the guidance of lead investigator Emre Gençer, Ian manages the SESAME research & software team at MITEI. He conducted his master's thesis in chemical engineering at MIT, with a focus on modeling renewables and EVs, and under the advisement of Director Robert Armstrong, Dr. Francis O'Sullivan, and Dr. Gençer. Ian has published on integration of renewables with different energy storage types, and on EV interactions with power grids, among other topics. On the third day of Putin's invasion of Ukraine, Ian traveled to the Ukraine-Poland border and co-founded an NGO, named Moral Fiber by its other co-founder, Ukrainian Denys Grabchak. This EU-registered NGO has thus far delivered > 3 million USD-worth of humanitarian aid directly to Ukrainians in Ukraine, including: vehicles, generators, tourniquets, diapers, non-perishable food, and much more.



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