Jostein Dahl Karlsen



Jostein Dahl Karlsen is President and CEO of the IEA Gas and Oil Technology Collaboration Programme. Up to his current assignment, Dahl Karlsen served as Senior Policy Adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, overlooking Norway’s strategic bilateral and multilateral partnerships within research and innovation. He has served on several leading tasks for the International Energy Agency, among them the inclusion and global recognition of CCS in the G8’s action plan on energy and the climate and as a climate technology. Dahl Karlsen was appointed by the Norwegian foreign service as Energy Advisor at the permanent delegation in Paris from 1993-1995, overlooking Norway’s membership with a particular responsibility for IEA. Prior to his career with the Norwegian Government Dahl Karlsen worked as Assistant Professor at the Norwegian School of Management, where he studied the build-up of energy competence and the importance of technology collaboration between the international oil and gas industry and Norwegian industry. He has as part of his career served on the job training and introduction programme with Shell in the Hague, Group Scenario Planning in London and in Shell Operating Companies in Oman and Sarawak, and has managerial job experience from logistics and courier sales and marketing in Africa.



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