Michael Moore

United States Energy Association

Program Director

Michael Moore serves as a Program Director for United States Energy Association (USEA). He is also a managing partner of East-West Strategic Advisors, located in Washington, D.C. and focuses on energy assets, sovereign energy security, CO2-EOR, and domestic and international policy. Over the past 30 years Mike has been directly involved in (domestic and international): carbon monetization projects and related asset development, CO2-EOR, low carbon projects, CO2 storage, policy & regulatory issues, and natural gas storage development utilizing depleted oil and gas reservoirs; the commercialization of gas storage capacity, interconnection agreements, permitting, land use, gas storage contracts, financing etc.; transacted with utilities, industrials, pipelines, producers and financial house; spent considerable time on policy and regulatory issues Federal and state; and he worked in and developed opportunities in the deregulated telecom, electricity and natural gas markets.



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